The Arkansas State Tag Team Titles

Title HistoryEdit

  1. Wolf Pack [1] (7/18/80)[1]
  2. Extreme Militia [1] (10/31/80)
  3. L.A. Underground [1] (12/19/80)
  4. Argonauts [1] (1/30/81)
  5. Sensational Excellence [1] (2/20/81)
  6. Canby Twins [1] (5/15/81)[2]
  7. All-American Alcoholics [1] (6/19/81)[3]
  8. Norsemen [1] (7/31/81)
  9. All-American Alcoholics [2] (December 18, 1981)


  1. Defeated Mississippi's Most Wanted to become the first champions.
  2. Canby Twins, already holding the Tennessee and Mississippi Tag Titles, unify the three belts into a single title. The MVW would not recognize the unified title and forced them to defend all three individually.
  3. AAA defeats Norsemen in a tournament final after the Canby Twins were stripped after being injured by the Ghetto Gang.

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