The City of Tupelo Heavyweight Title

Title HistoryEdit

  1. Mr. Mississippi [1] (January 10, 1981)[1]
  2. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan [1] (April 11, 1981)
  3. Jason James [1] (May 9, 1981])[2]
  4. 'Double A' Arnold Adams [1] (June 13, 1981)
  5. English Gentleman [1] (December 12, 1981)[3]
  6. Bobby 'Badd to the Bone' Browne [1] (December 12, 1981)[4][5]
  7. 'Lightning' Lenny Lane [1] ()[6]


  1. Defeated Executioner in a one-night sixteen-man tournament final.
  2. Donovan hands over the title belt to Jason James before his MVW Heavyweight Title match. He refuses to be seen as the Tupelo Heavyweight champion when he was going to be the MVW Heavyweight champion.
  3. English Gentleman defeated Arnold Adams in the quarterfinal of a one-night sixteen-man tournament.
  4. Browne defeated Gentleman in the final of the same one-night sixteen-man tournament.
  5. Arnold Adams stripped Browne of the title on December 31, 1981 because of his actions at Christmas Chaos II.
  6. Title unified with the City of Corinth Heavyweight Title and Mississippi State Heavyweight Title for a new Mississippi State title on February 25, 1982.

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