1569. English Gentleman def. 'Sensational' Seth Greeley

1570. Arkansas Tag: Extreme Militia def. Wolf Pack [White/Grey]

1571. Tennessee Tag: Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams def. Canby Twins

1572. Women: Helena Handbasket def. Supergirl

1573. Mississippi Heavyweight: Black Wolf def. A.J. Adams

1574. Arkansas Heavyweight: 'Excellent' Xavier Cross def. Terry 'Thunder' Thorson

1575. MVW Six-Man Tag: All-American Alcoholics def. Jason James & Argonauts

1576. Mississippi Tag: Sensational Excellence def. Ghetto Gang

1577. Tennessee Heavyweight: 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris def. Executioner

1578. MVW Heavyweight: Mr. Mississippi def. Mr. Hyde

1579. MVW Tag Cage Match: Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams def. Norsemen

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