Vital StatisticsEdit

Wrestler Name: Selena Adams-Elsner

Birthday: June 13, 1949

Death Date: November 5, 1989

Hometown: Gulfport, MS

Marital Status: Widowed (Nate Harris)

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 154

Job at MVW: Arena Management Officer (1978-1988)

Image: Marianne Gordon (Hee Haw)

Personal HistoryEdit

Selena was born on June 13, 1949 to Hector and Carolina (Terrill) Adams in Gulfport, MS. She is Arnold's youngest sister. She was a softball star in high school and earned a scholarship to the University of Tulsa. While there, she married Nathan Elsner on March 2, 1968. They had three children: Betty ('Hot' Heidi Harris), Wendell (Wendell Flatt) and Jacob (Snake).

Selena graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Marketing degree. She used that to help her brother's and husband's business venture as a wonderful asset for negotiating arena contracts. She was quite knowledgeable of how men perceived her looks and wasn't afraid to use those looks to her advantage in the negotiations.

When Nate died in the car crash on February 27, 1984, she was devestated. Arnold gave her all the time she needed off to mourn her husband's passing. When she came back, she was even more flirtatious in her dealings with arena managers.

In 1988, she retired from her position on the Board of Directors after a decade of working with arena managers. She handed the reins over to her daughter-in-law Jolene who held the job until the MVW folded. Selena passed away after a brief battle with lung cancer on November 5, 1989.