On September 5, 1981, the MVW worked out a radio deal with WMPS (680AM) to radio broadcast the bulk of the card from Somerville. It was also worked out a deal for a weekly card for Fayette-Ware High School. The first of these weekly cards followed on the next day. It was a tournament card to award the City of Somerville Heavyweight Title to its first champion, Marco Duarte.


2571. Vixen (#8) vs Holly Luger (#7), TLD

Vixen overpowers Holly and just bullies her around, refusing to pin her. When the bell rings to signal the time limit, Vixen violently attacks Holly, ripping her wrestling outfit and digging her nails into her skin. Holly is saved by a woman from the crowd. She climbs into the ring with a hardbound book and smashes Vixen over the head with it. After a couple minutes of fighting, the woman drills Vixen into the book with a double-arm DDT.

2572. A.J. Adams (#14) def. Mr. Remington (#23)

2573. 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas (#29) def. Deliverance (#21)

2574. L.A.W. (#41) def. Terry 'Thunder' Thorson (#12)

2575. Marco Duarte (#27) def. Grappler (#7)

2576. Loki (#24) def. Good Time Charlie (#15)

2577. Marco Duarte (#27) def. A.J. Adams (#14)

2578. L.A.W. (#41) def. 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas (#29)

2579. Mr. Hyde (#2) def. Executioner (#4)

2580. City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Match: Marco Duarte (#27) def. L.A.W. (#41)