Vital StatisticsEdit

Wrestler Name: Troy Canby

Real Name: Troy Canby

Birthday: January 13, 1958

Hometown: Holly Springs, MS

Marital Status: Single

Alignment: Face

Height: 6'

Weight: 242

Theme Music: "Double Vision" by Foreigner

Debut: March 9, 1978

Debut Opp: Argonauts

Last Match: February 27, 1997

Last Opp: Snake

PriDistrict: MidAmerica

Style: Daredevil Flyer

Finishing Move: Canby Drop (shooting star press)

Weapon: chair

Notable Feuds: Argonauts

Image: Scotty Riggs

Personal HistoryEdit

Troy and Travis Canby are the twin sons born to Terrance and Theresa (Piecuch) Canby on January 13, 1958 in Holly Springs, MS. Being the more athletically inclined of the twins, Troy gained the most success in the ring. While Travis was acceptably gifted with his high-flying maneuvers, Troy was the one who looked to be the most promising wrestler.

Troy's athletic ability was first noticed while playing Little League baseball. He was able to make many dramatic catches that were deemed as impossible by even Major League standards. Troy went on to play first base for Holly Springs High School and earned a baseball scholarship to the University of North Alabama in Florence. He played all four years of college baseball, working out his MVW schedule accordingly. He was signed by the Baltimore Orioles in 1979 as an undrafted free agent and assigned to the Charlotte Orioles. Having to decide between his career as a wrestler or a baseball player, Troy picked the MVW and never reported to camp in Charlotte.

After the tag team quit wrestling in 1997, Troy went back to school at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. He graduated in 2001 and was assigned as the Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Clarendon, AR.

Troy was serving his vicarage at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, TN, when he learned about Travis' suicide. Crushed by the suddenness, Troy contemplated quitting his theological studies to return to the family. Terrance insisted that Troy stay in Seminary and complete what God had called him to do.

After five years in the parish, Troy accepted a call to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Florence, AL to work with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at the University of North Alabama. Today, he still calls Florence his home as he continues to guide the students at his alma mater along the biblical path God has determined for each of their lives.